Diamonds for the Devil is set in early 18th century France. Forced to survive on the streets of Paris, a young runaway is befriended by a cadre of thieves and pickpockets. As she grows up to a beautiful young woman she is gifted with a priceless string of diamonds said to bring evil to the one wearing it.

Indeed, Marguerite's life becomes fraught with accidents that shroud her past in forgotten memories. Surrounded by people who are not what they claim to be, fact and fiction blur. Marguerite must rely on her cleverness of mind to fight off evil and find her way to love and happiness.

Published 2011

The Gold Crucifix is set in mid-seventeenth century England.

When young Sarah finds out that innkeeper Amos Jennings is not her real father, she feels uncertain and scared. Her problems grow even bigger when she becomes the housekeeper of Linfield Grange and gets involved with two men who both want her love: the earl of Linfield and his younger brother, Richard.

Keeping in mind she is a bastard and would not wish that fate on another, Sarah flees to London where she starts a new life, hoping to forget Richard and Walter. But Richard cannot forget her...

Published 2012

Maria Gonzalez is also called Daughter of the Sun.

In the turbulent 16th century, blonde-haired and blue-eyed Maria drew the passion of lovers and the scorn of enemies from Spain to Mexico and back across the ocean to England.

This is the story of a strong woman, who will not give up on her beliefs and deals with every situation the best way she can.

Swept off her feet by a dashing young army officer, she marries him and accompanies him to his new station in New Spain (now Mexico). There her husband is murdered and she is taken prisoner by Aztec Indians. Later on, when facing a trial she thinks it better to marry the Spanish diplomat who comes to her rescue - only to fall head over heels in love with a dashing English sea captain...

Published 2009

The Haversham Legacy is set in England, later 17th century.

The sudden death of the Marquis of Haversham ignites a series of events. The marquis is murdered, his wife and daughter suffer an accident. The body of the marchioness is found, but where is baby Justine?

Young Nigel Denby is the only one who can answer these questions and can name the culprit. However, he needs to flee the country because his enemies have him accused of high treason. He swears revenge on the man who arranged this.

When he meets a highwayman and his son, a plan is formed and at least he returns to England, to trick the murderer into confession. Little does he know his companions have an agenda of their own....

Published 2010

Face in the Mirror and Other Stories

is a delightful collection of short stories - a good read for Halloween. The stories vary between horror and romance.

The last story in this bundle gave me the idea for an entirely new novel, gothic in style, about the black coach that figures in the short tale.

Published 2009

The Black Coach

Set into the late 19th century, this gothic romance tells the story of Maggie, an orphan.

Strange things are happening in the village of Pickering, Yorkshire. Two girls are found murdered, and there is talk about strange going-ons at night. Caught in the middle of this turmoil is Maggie Thompson, an orphan, who needs to fence for herself. Running away from an employer who maltreated her, she nearly dies during a winter storm. She is rescued by a man who lives in a nearly abandoned house. Neil Harrington has his own secrets however. Maggie will have to trust on her feelings to know what is right or wrong. And she can’t forget there is a killer on the rampage…

Published 2017